We are working in Education market for more than 30 years, providing and implementing the progressive technologies, … tools and case-study. We have our own private schools, where all the best is used and experienced. That allows us to participate in various international contests and achieve good results. We accomplished over 50 business projects and have 55 patents in different spheres.We have world class team, including world-known researches in education, neuropsychology, marketing, programming, design, virtual images, and others.

The initial educational matrix created reflecting the elements of future education system.
Participants sending and filling … the boxes with appropriate education stuff. They can also sell their products, or navigate the samples, or take suitable items for their use from this stock, or watch the development of educational matrix in real time.

Education system 5.0., will differ from the previous ones, like an airplane from a carriage, progressively moving through … levels 3-4-5,

Alas, education ceases to fulfill its main mission: to prepare children for their life, work, progress and the future. With a … level of 2.0., …

The creation of a new Educational space must be concentrated somewhere. MetaVerse makes it possible to … quickly absorb and structure …

The compressed Content – is the main component of the 5.0 education system. It will be transformed from boring … lessons and …

While other industries are already working at the levels of Web-3.0, Industry 4.0, Tele-Communications 5G, Education … still trembles at the level of 2.0, which is increasingly hindering the development of progress in all advanced industries. The world spends huge amounts of money on education, but its effectiveness is steadily declining.

So, the task is to upgrade the level of education from level 2.0. up to 5.0. It can be done by combining Physical education in real world with new MetaVerse opportunities, considering the main challenges of nowadays: Information era, Globalization, Covid pandemic and vision of the future.

Yes. The main features will be: the specially compressed content, suitable for the formats of neura link and brain … chip. As well as

Because a revolutionary situation has arisen: the inadequacy of education to the requirements and challenges of the … global world, …

All inventions, upgrades and life hacks of this MetaVerse Education 5.0 project will be used simultaneously in: …

The creation of a 5.0 level education system and a powerful and broad movement for the renewal of the education … system with …

Why study?
What to learn?

• hoW to learn?
• Where to study?
• Who should teach?
• How much should it cost
• What will be the results at the end of the day?

Who is the author of the project?

Vladimir Spivakovsky and his team.

Vladimir Spivakovky

  • Founder of «Edu Future»
  • Author of Education System 5.0.
  • President of Grand Corporation
  • Fulfilled more then 50 Business Project
  • Founder of the Natioal Contest «Brand of the Year»
  • Author of 7 books-bestsellers and 55 patents, Ph.D.Ec
  • Author of Global 7******* — Star Schools Network
  • The Leader of Education Reforms in Regional 
Office in Ukraine
  • Founder of 7W Education System
  • Finalist and participant of All-American Contest for creating the best Education System (Founder Laurene Jobs, USA, 2016), and Yidan Contest (Hong Kong, 2017)
  • Visited 107 countries
  • Two Times Winner of Guinness Record Book


The scale of the project

The project is serious, large-scale and long-term.
We are creating a Global Worldwide Universal Knowledge Center. It is now very much in demand, honorable and prestigious. All participants in this construction will remain go down in history as creators builders of a new education system that will be useful, pleasant, convenient and with great prospects for children.
Join this creative movement.

Our Partners


After finishing 5 courses participants will receive Certificates
from “7W Academy”

List of participants:

Programmers, visionaries, teachers, techies, experts, scientists, neurophysiologists, psychologists, linguists, doctors, ecologists, futurologists, directors, producers, designers, bloggers, marketers, opinion leaders, parents, reformers, writers, VR / AR / Ai / 3D experts, influencers, entrepreneurs …