New curriculum

Why should the curriculum change?

  • Firstly, because nowadays curriculum came to us from previous centuries. It reflected the requirements of former times and largely outlived itself. Secondly, in the 21st century, automation and digitalization impose new requirements on the structure, content and reformatting of knowledge.
  • Therefore, the new structure provides improving the quality of the acquired knowledge, its algorithmization and ease of use. This means that in the context of the transition to individual learning paths, it will be easier for students to navigate in this matrix, in their priorities and career guidance.
  • This provides clarity and systematic thinking, when assimilation can become easier, clearer, deeper, faster and more effective. As the saying goes, “less water – more knowledge”.
… Once upon a time the world of animals, plants and chemical elements existed in “diffused chaos”. However, life demanded their systematization, what Charles Darwin, Carl Lynneus and Dmitry Mendeleev did. We structure knowledge in the same way, putting it into modern order. Everyone can see, that other industries already reached high levels: Web-3.0., Industry 4.0, 5G Communications… But education still remains at the 2.0 low level. More importantly, technological progress, computerization and digitalization are ready to place all amount of knowledge in a flash drive, or even in a microchip, but then the question arises:
  • Would we really fill this microchip with old boring textbooks, which, apart from irritation, do not cause any positive feelings?
  • Isn’t it time to eliminate the contradiction between what modern textbooks look like and the visual progressive content that students see on a tablet or phone?

And isn’t it worth taking advantage of the current moment when knowledge information can be compressed into a modern 5.0 format without loss of knowledge quality. On the contrary, with the higher quality.This is how the curriculum looks like, with 12 sections, each of which has 6 system main topics. In such curriculum, the holistic picture of the knowledge world is immediately visible.

How can you use this curricilum matrix? There are several options.

  1. You can adopt this curriculum, or parts of it and use it for your own purposes.
  2. You can sell here your developments of lessons, tasks and cases. This is very beneficial. You set the price for your product yourself, the commission of the knowledge hypermarket is 20%.
  3.  Our target audience is huge, so a large number of teachers and students, as well as entrepreneurs and investors in different countries will buy and use your products!

We wish you good luck and prosperity!